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What to look for in a Great Survival Knife

During an emergency, you will need a great knife. When 911 is not available, you may find that your survival knife is needed to help you with your first aid needs. You may also find that you need your survival knife to cut your way out of an area. In addition, you may have to use your survival knife for the protection of yourself and your family. Therefore, you will want to consider the purchase of this knife very carefully.

The first thing that you will want to look for is a fixed blade knife. The biggest advantage of a fixed blade knife is that it does not have a hinge to break at the most inopportune moment. The blades on a fixed blade knife are longer and stronger than those found on a pocketknife.

When purchasing a new survival knife, you will want to make sure that the knife has a full tang. The tang of the knife is the part that holds the blade and the handle together. Manufacturers make knives with several different types of tangs. The push tang simply has the blade and the handle glued together. Obviously, these handles can come unglued. Manufacturers also make a rattail tang where the blade narrows as it gets closer to the tip of the handle. At the end of these knives, the blade is held into the knife with a bolt. These bolts have a tendency to break. A knife can also have an encapsulated tang, where the blade is molded around the handle.

Now that you know that you want a fixed blade knife with a full tang, what else should you look for? You want a comfortable, non-slip handle that feels good in your hand. Manufacturers have provided for this in several different ways and you really need to hold the knife to make sure it feels great in your hand. Most users feel find that knives with a bulge at the end helps them have the most control. Other users love a survival knife with a hole in the handle to put a string to tie it on the user’s wrist or around their necks.

Look for a knife that has a blade that is from 5/32” thick to ¼” thick. This will keep the blade strong no matter what the user needs to do with the blade. This thick blade should be between four and six inches long. A blade of this length has the most flexibility in the uses that it can be used for when in a survival situation. In addition, look for a survival knife that is has a compound ground edge, as they are the easiest to sharpen.

Your survival knife may be the most useful tool that you have in a survival situation. Spending money on it will protect you and your loved ones. It will allow you to cut out of situations and will allow you to do basic first aid. Do not skimp on the money that you spend on your survival knife.

  1. I absolutely agree with you but the sad thing is most people don’t realize the need for a good survival knife. I’ve been in some situations where my ESEE 6 handy survival knife actually meant the difference between life and death!

  2. This is why I love my Ka-Bar!

  3. A good survival knife is worth it’s weight in gold! It can be the difference between life and death. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one though. There are many low cost options out there by quality companies. Check out my video reviews on several low cost knifes and machetes.

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