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Three Ways to Enhance Your Door’s Security

As the main entryway into your home, it’s important to increase the security of your main door. Many standard locks are okay, but they will not deter a professional, determined, or desperate individual from entering your home. Several modifications can be made to general market doors to enhance their strength and deter invaders from entering your home. Although no solution can be guaranteed to protect your home 100%, the harder you make it for someone to enter, the more likely he or she will be to give up and try to enter a less protected home.

Install a Quality Dead Bolt
The home security market offers a variety of dead bolt options, but some are much better than others. A good dead bolt should enter at least one inch into the door frame. Single cylinder deadbolts have a twist knob inside the door, making it easier to enter the home if the intruder creates a hole. A double cylinder dead bolt requires a key to unlock both inside and outside. An even better choice may be the keyless dead bolt; this option requires a code instead of key. The code can be changed daily to decrease the likelihood of an individual discovering the code.

Install Longer Screws
Installing longer screws into your door’s strike plate can strengthen the door’s resistance to being kicked in. A strike plate covers the area in the door where the dead bolt is located. Standard doors usually come with screws that are approximately one-inch long. To reinforce the door, remove these short screws and replace them with 3 ½ inch screws. The longer screws will work to reinforce the strike plate against the door’s frame.

Install a Door Alarm
With so many available models, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. An simple door stop alarm may be enough to deter an individual from further attempting to enter your home. A door stop alarm should be placed under a closed door. If the door is opened, the device jams the door and activates an alarm. Models are available for around $15, which is a small investment for a potentially big return.

The safety of you and your family is a big responsibility; taking steps to enhance your home’s security is a no-brainer. These three enhancements to door security are affordable and easy to implement. All three could be installed in an afternoon. It’s important to install quality products; check online for product recommendations, or ask an expert at your local home improvement store.

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