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Lynn Falcones

35627095-one-earth-globe-with-handcuffs-concept-of-lack-of-freedom-or-oppression-3d-renderDo you think a dictatorship is a good thing for America?

Are you unhappy with the “cutting” of Federal Programs such as EPA, Department of Education, Institutes of Health, Housing and Urban Development, Public Broadcasting? Want to know more? Read on…

When the Federal Government funds a program, the state accepting their funding must operate within the guidelines of the Federal Government. In this way, the Federal Government dictates how the states run their programs.

Were you BANKING on freedom?

How effective is the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY? dead-salmon-west-coast-678x381
Ask Flint, Michigan. How about all those Protected and Endangered species in Florida? Fracking? The Pipeline?
Perhaps if every state was allocated funds currently routed through the EPA for their discretionary disbursement- the states themselves could regulate local issues on their own. AFTER ALL- WHY ARE WE WHERE WE ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY, WITH THE EPA, AS A FEDERALLY RUN PROGRAM, PROTECTING EACH STATES’ BEST ENVIRONMENTAL INTERESTS?
As a country, we rank 14TH on the list of 40 countries and their education outcomes.
Did you say you wanted out of “Common Core”?
Give the individual states the power over their Education System.

Its looking like- the Federal government controls the states- has quite a high maintenance cost, and could be eliminated and redistributed among states… whose ELECTED officials could run things just fine. The fact we could VOTE OUT public servants not meeting the demands of the people- would be one step closer to FREEDOM- as opposed to the dictatorship of the Federal Government.

Pharmaceutical companies are winning here! Have you noticed the percentage of the population “dependent” on Big Pharma? There is so much controversy here… Cancer treatments, Cholesterol protocols- seems despite all this “progress”, the general state of health in the country is abysmal. Considering the agenda~ as planned, depopulation is the current trend. Having true elected officials running the show- those who could be chosen by the states- could give more accountability on this issue. The LOCAL LEVEL is closer to the actual people they serve.

homeless-1527966__340 HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT?
There are a lot of homeless people in this country, a lot of decrepit housing situations as well. Should the Feds be making the guidelines for your individual state? Or should the State decide how your money is allocated in your state? How about if the State receives the funds with no strings attached? How about if the States were able to customize and tailor their programs to indeed fit the unique needs of the citizens in their STATE?


Far from unbiased perspective, Public Broadcasting allows the Federal Government (or politically appointed people) to choose what you hear on their station. Whatever fits their agenda – will be supported. Anything supporting autonomy of the states- or even the individual- can just not be allowed to broadcast. The will of the people cannot shine through this, as there is no incentive to give the people what they want/deserve (TRUTH). As in real life broadcasting, the private broadcasting station depends on ADVERTISERS to fund their programs, who in turn depend on PUBLIC SUPPORT to buy their products…as an indication of success. If you don’t believe in what a particular program represents, you don’t listen to or pay to advertise with them. Private Broadcasting depends on the public for funding. WE THE PEOPLE can actually fund TRUTH. As it is, our information access is at the discretion of the Federal Government … who gets funding regardless of what the people think? It IS a private corporation funded by the American People…..

When the Federal Government cuts programs, the STATES have more freedom to run their:
not to mention how cool it would be to have STATE or even COUNTY run “PUBLIC BROADCASTING”?


34254387-prohibition-opinions Why has the Federal Government run agencies that directly affect the productivity of the individual states? Wasn’t this country founded on AUTONOMY of STATES and freedom to choose? Maybe it is time to revisit the hierarchy of governmental organizations. Do some research…form your own personal conclusions. You may be surprised how you now think about FEDERAL budget cuts… The state can feed their hungry children when given a budget. Less money to run Federal Agencies to do the work that the INDIVIDUAL STATES can actually accomplish on their own accord, is not a bad thing. We need local watchdogs, and we shouldn’t depend on federal employees to do that work for us…some food for thought…


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