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You have decided where to stay during catastrophe. You have supplies, power, heat, water, and hopefully good friends and family to share the time with. What is missing? Make sure that your area is safe from intruders and that you have plenty of time to react and stop them before they get to the door. A disaster shelter is worth nothing if you cannot maintain possession of it.


Tripwires: Electric or battery operated trip wire systems are available for alerting residents to when the perimeter of an area is broken.In addition to tripwires, other perimeter alarms such as infrared, are also available on the market and are available at major online retailers such as Amazon.

Vegetation: Growing large thick hedges and adding brambles or other prickly bushes such as blackberries into the mix can help to create a naturally secure perimeter without making it obvious to outsiders that your location has extra protection. Some people prefer to use bamboo because it grows to extraordinary heights quickly; however it may not be dense enough on its own to prevent trespassers from getting through the vegetation line.


Securing windows: When things go from bad to worse the best thing for windows is to cover them. Metal bars over windows can add an additional level of security while boarding up windows may only serve to make the shelter look abandoned. Having a place appear to be abandoned has both positives and negatives. On the positive side, people may be less likely to break in looking for supplies if they believe a place has been long abandoned. On the negative side, they might break in with plans of settling on the property. From a security perspective, wood is easier for intruders to pry off windows than metal.

Securing doors: Solid locks, a home security bar, and even heavy furniture against a door will make it difficult for intruders to enter. If you can plan ahead and purchase doors, solid metal doors are more difficult to force entry through than it would be to splinter apart a wood door or break the glass on a decorative door.

Intrusion Alert Systems

Electric alarms: There are varieties of household alarm systems on the market, many of which can run solely on battery power. Many are wireless and require a minimal amount of setup.

Canines: Man’s best friend can make be an excellent warning system and act as a deterrent to intruders as well.

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