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No worries. Natural pain relief is HERE, and has been here as long as WE have. Why are we constantly being bombarded with pharmaceutical relief? Ever watched a drug commercial and wonder why most of their time is spent disclosing possible side effects? I wonder why anyone would want to use these products after all that disclosure. Is the possibility of sudden death a viable compromise for the convenience of a simple pill? Well… let’s just look at this.

You have a health issue – get diagnosed – get prescribed a medication. You go to the pharmacy, register for the rewards card… (a whole ‘nother story)… get into the data base, maybe even get your “medication” free… So every month, you go to the pharmacy and pick up your medication.

Meanwhile, back in your body, the real cause of your discomfort remains somewhat unaddressed, as medication will ease the symptoms. Your body was trying to tell you something through causing discomfort, but you chose to cover up the pain instead of treating the cause. Now you’re in. In the pharma death plan… As time goes on, your underlying origin of the pain continues to degrade as your doctor ups the meds. Multiply this by a million or so, and see what kind of numbers you produce… illustrating the widespread problem. Staggering.

As survivalists, we need to be aware of encroaching decomposition of everyone… So, your child is having behavior issues in school, you deal with the guidance counselor…they refer you to counseling, they refer you to psychiatry – where your child is diagnosed, prescribed , red flagged, maybe even entered into a data base tied into the mental health gun control issue…

Not for nothing, but perhaps the food you are eating to sustain life is just not doing its job… but the charade carries on- as so many people are medicated to cover up symptoms – possibly caused by their toxic food intake.

In addition to diabetes, obesity and heart disease, enter attention deficit issues, anger issues, depression… ad nauseum… all commonly treated with a prescribed medication. Pain, itching, headache, muscle pain, anxiety, colds and flu, bladder infections… go ahead, do a pharmaceutical inventory. Someone’s got the cat in the bag…

I’m not saying pharmaceuticals are ineffective or have no place in the health care industry… I am saying it is our personal responsibility to educate ourselves on the root causes of our own problems and any natural remedies- or preventions- we can use to avoid the visit to the gatekeeper- your family doctor. Nice guy. Graduated in 1973. Doesn’t believe in all that natural remedy crap.

As survivalists, we’d better learn about treating the causes of illnesses as well as naturally available symptom relievers.

Really, taking an inventory of your normal regiment is crucial. Do you walk? Do you read labels? Do you understand ANY of the things you read on the ingredient list? Are you taking pains to avoid artificial anything? You may have noticed how dangerous new discoveries are being made on heavily marketed old foods… how ‘bout that mac n cheese in a box? Feed that and it’s relatives to your kids often. Do they have a pharmaceutical supporter in their lives? Is the calcium being sucked out of your bones by your food additives only to be regulated by a medication? WOW. Prevention is the word.

If not for its’ “googleability”, I would list strategies and foods- and preservatives to avoid and why- draw correlations between the additives, the side effects of ingestion… and the foods you find them in. But if you are reading this article, you can find this information – by investing a bit of your time.

Suffice to say, Agenda 21- and the population reduction component, is alive and well in our food system – our health system – our cosmetics – our clothing – our cleaning products and more… The only way to survive this onslaught of chemicals is to educate yourself, and make changes. It seems that education and change seem to be the bottom line in every survival tactic we examine. Perhaps we can share information on the forum of any social media outlet… perhaps we can share life-saving information with like-minded individuals by getting involved, either in person, or remotely. Back to basics on the internet – sharing information – for the betterment of all, should be a great impetus to get educated and share the wealth.

By:  Lynn Falcone

  1. really, we ARE responsible for our own choices…..still.

  2. FB page Knowledge is Power deals mostly with food & drug issues- its’ purpose being to raise awareness and facilitate good informed choices. Plz visit and go thru the info….you may have missed something! Happy cruising. :)

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