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How to Provide Perimeter Security

Even during great economies, it is important to protect the perimeter of your property. If things are not so great because of the economy or a natural disaster, then perimeter security becomes even more vital.

The first step in perimeter security is a fence around your entire property. The fence should be chain link and consist of squares that are no more than 2 inches apart. On top of the chain link fence should be four strands of barbed wire spaced apart six inches apart. Make sure, when you are installing this fence, that you install it where the barbs will grab someone who is trying to go over the top from the outside. Make sure to set the poles in concrete about every four feet. The bottom of the fence should be no more than two inches from the ground at any point. After you have installed the fence, make sure that you maintain fifty feet between the fence and any object on the property that would stop a clear line of vision. In addition, clear twenty feet on the external side of the road. Time and elements will take a toll on the fence, so make sure that you maintain it on a regular basis.

If you live in an area where this gate would make your neighbors raise their eyebrows, and you care, then think about installing a natural barrier made of plants that will attract an intruder. For example, in the south think about using cactus to form a natural barrier to your property.

The second step in perimeter security is a great lighting. Solar powered lights will provide the best lighting in an emergency. Remember to place them at the gate to your property and near your shelter. This will allow the guards to see what is coming towards them. If you are preparing for long-term survival, do not forget to stockpile these batteries as they will eventually wear out and getting more may be a major problem.

The third step in providing perimeter security is to install a solar-powered security camera that you can always monitor. The camera should be high resolution so that anyone can clearly see what is going on from the monitor. Make sure that you can clearly see every place on your property with these cameras. One camera is seldom enough to do the job.

Animals can also provide perimeter security. While many people own a guard dog, do not stop there. Chickens and geese make outstanding guard animals. As new animals are born, the older ones will provide a great source of meat during an emergency. Chickens and geese are very observant of their surroundings and will make a lot of noise whenever anyone comes near them.

It is important to consider how you will provide for perimeter security. Fences, lighting, security cameras and animals all make outstanding choices. Your individual circumstances will determine what the correct choice is for your situation.

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