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How to Hide Cash In Your Home

In the event of an emergency, cash money will go a long way. You will not be able to use an ATM and the banks will not open. At a minimum, most experts suggest that you maintain at least $1000 in cash in your procession at all times. By the way, experts recommend that you keep the money in small bills because a store may not be able to make change. The question becomes where to keep that money without a thief knowing that you have it.

Over the years, people have hidden money in their backyards. This may be a great plan, but remember the money needs to be in weatherproof bag. You also need to make sure that someone else knows where to find the money in an emergency. Despite precautions, it is important to dig up the cash periodically so the elements will not eat away at your cash.

Others prefer to freeze the money in the refrigerator. Some even go as far as wrapping the money to look like it is a package of meat.

What are the best ideas that you have heard for hiding cash in your home? - Buy Gold & Silver

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