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Home Security

Many great yet simple home security measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood that an intruder will violate your home.  Taking the time to assess your home’s outside appeal to buglers can pay off immensely.  Here are three things to consider to increase the security of your home while reducing its appeal to unsavory characters.

Are all areas of your home well lit?  Lighting can exist as a major deterrent to those who would break into your home.  If all areas of your home are well lit on the outside, it’s less likely an intruder would choose your home to target as well-lit homes both increase the likelihood they will be seen and that their defining characteristics could be captured on video.

Is the property free of concealing shrubs and bushes?  Eliminating places for others to hid or take cover is another good strategy to increase the security of your home.  Removing any foliage that could hide an individual close to your home is a good idea.  Also, trees providing easy access to the second story may also be a liability.  However, one must weigh their use as a exit route as well.

Is the perimeter secure?  Installing a fence with locked gates makes accessing your property more difficult.  Any obstacles an individual must overcome makes your property more secure.  A tall fence is a good start.  All doors and windows should also have strong locks as an added security measure.

Although it may not be realistic to institute all these measures at once, working toward implementing each of these in accordance with your budget is a good idea.  Whereas the fence may be most expensive, depending upon the area it will enclose, removing or seriously cutting back shrubs and bushes can be done manually and by oneself.  The most important step is to be vigilant regarding your home’s security; periodically reassess what you have in place, and how it could be better.

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  1. Your point on weighing ingress and egress is very important. Anything you do to limit ingress will limit egress in the event of a fire or home invasion.

  2. Informative post! Home security has become a major concern these days for all home owners. Pet Ownership is an effective way to deter wrongdoers and burglars. Besides this, by installing CCTV cameras and upgraded locks we can ensure home security to a great extent.

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