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Hand-to-Hand Combat

There are many techniques to hand-to-hand combat, but if you only know five basic moves, then you can get away from an attacker, even in a long-term survival situation.

The first technique works better on men, but will work on women as well. Start by firmly planting your feet about 12 inches from your attacker and bending your knees. As your attacker comes toward you, quickly raise your knee straight into their grown area. You will have to use your knee swiftly. Remember you are using your knee to defend yourself and your family.

The second technique that works very well by people of any strength is a blow to the ears with an open hand. Bring both your hands as far out as you can and then very swiftly bring them to your attacker’s ears. This will cause a huge sound wave within the attacker’s head. If done correctly, you can cause your attacker to go deaf.

The third technique that is very effective is to attack your attacker’s nose. Bring the palm of your hand up under the attacker’s nose with a swift blow. Make sure that your fingers are pointed away from your attacker at the moment of impact. This is particularly useful when combined with the first attack.

Have you ever watched professional sports and watched an athlete end up on the ground, unable to breathe, because they have been hit in the solar plexus. This area, located right below your ribs, will knock the wind out of your attacker. The best way to do this kick is so that your heal lands in the solar plexus. If you are a female, this kick capitalizes on a woman’s natural strength, her leg muscles.

Stomping hard on the foot of your attacker can be effective. This can be particularly effective if someone grabs you from behind. Make sure that you get your center of gravity lower than your attacker’s center of gravity. Slam down on their foot and then send an elbow into the groin. At the same time, send a bite into the person’s arm.

Another great self-defense move is to throw a hard punch at the Adam’s apple. As with all punches, make sure that you are serious when you throw the punch. A punch that is not thrown with all your strength might as well not be thrown.

Gouging your offender’s eyes is also very effective. Simply take two fingers on the same hand and send them into your attacker’s eyes. This is particularly effective when combined with a nose blow.

Knowing these basic moves will save your life. Frankly, even in emergencies, the offender is more interested in attacking the weakest individual. Even if you are caught without a weapon, there are things you can do to protect yourself. When possible, make sure that you take a self-defense class. There is nothing like practice before an emergency to make sure you remember what to do during an emergency.

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