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Guns for Survival

Those preparing for long-term survival will argue about what guns they need to own before an emergency occurs. For some people, owning the latest firearm is their reward for getting up and going to work each day. The question remains what survival guns are essential.

Almost everyone preparing for survival during an emergency would put a .22 rifle on his or her list. The gun offers a great way to kill small game to feed your family, the gun can be useful to defend your property and depending on your skill level can even be used to kill larger game, such as elk, moose or deer.

The .22 rifle is short and lightweight. The ammunition is readily available and is lightweight. The stainless steel barrel action and the polymer stock will withstand most abuse. The few parts contained in the gun are easy to replace. The .22 rifle can be enhanced with a robust scope. In addition to a great .22 rifle, like the Ruger 10/22, make sure to stockpile at least 500 rounds of ammunition.

The second gun that you will want in your arsenal for use during an emergency is a 12-gauge pump action shotgun. The advantage of the 12-gauge over the .22 is that it can be used at a longer range. The 12-guage pump action shotgun takes a variety of ammunition so it can be used to shoot a variety of game. Most experts believe that a good 12-guage pump action shotgun is the best gun available on the market today for home defense. Again, do not forget to stock ammunition in a variety of sizes. When disaster strikes, ammunition will be a great commodity to barter with, even though it can be gotten relatively inexpensively right now. While it is an older gun, many experts still recommend the 870 Remington 12 gauge.

The third gun that you will want in your arsenal is a great revolver. While this gun may not be very useful for hunting, most of them are light enough that even older children and women can handle one. Avoid ones with a short barrel. Instead, opt for one that has at least a 6-inch barrel. Great choices include the .357 Magnum and the .41 Magnum. This is probably the gun that you will want to make sure you have with you in your bug-out bag. Therefore, make sure to get your concealed weapons liscense.

It is not enough to own a great gun. It is important to spend time learning about the firearm and shooting the firearm. Make sure to take classes with each firearm and spend time at the firing range. Whenever you bring a firearm into your home, make sure that you have provided a way to lock that gun up before any untrained individual gets ahold of it.

In addition, all family members should get training on the firearms. The 4-H program in many localities offers free training in firearms, along with great competitions, making it fun for the children to learn.

  1. I agree with what you wrote about the 22 & shotgun,even the 357. Though here is the kicker, the ideal pistol is the 357/ 38 with inner changeable cylinders to which one could also shoot all types of 38 longs, 38 Special & 357’s but be able to change out the cylinder to the 9mm Luger. The 357 is also a great meat gun / defender in the lever action rifle. The 22 pistol is better served also with the inner changeable cylinder from 22 rifle to the 22 win mag. again one is able to fire the; short, long & long rifle then with out any tools change it to a 22 WM. also a great meat gun.. One could do the same with the 44 mag, using the 44 mag, 44 cowboy & 44 special in both pistol & lever action weapon. I know as I have them all … And a shotgun should also have different barrels for different loads/ shooting..

  2. This article is very misleading, 22 ammo is NOT readily available.

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