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Global Warming Perspectives or “Did I do That?”

City underwater. Frightening. Carbon tax to penalize greenhouse gas generation. Money.

I say it can’t hurt to reduce emissions. I just want to do it for the right reasons. After all, we are continually lied to, misrepresented, ripped off and just bamboozled by the very people we elect with our trust to do what is right for the common good. LOL-ing. Recent BS coming to light has changed me from a trusting, idealistic person – to a questioning, err on the side of (caution) person. I am even reduced to questioning myself and my decision to prepare for a “doomsday” disaster. Running between terrified of things to come, and wondering if any of that is true, is exhausting. I plan to err on the side of being somewhat prepared, living for today and making a better tomorrow, despite the seemingly sinister plan in place to reduce population, being herded into FEMA camps, the fear of being gunned down by some gun wielding octogenarian for bumping into his wheelchair…or having the doctor prescribe an antidepressant to treat what is probably a common symptom of “progress”… kinda like obesity and low nutrient/high calorie food allowed on the shelves of the local market. Yes, reduce emissions, go ahead and penalize hyper-polluters… but pinning entire global warming on human activity? Hmmmmm… Seems questionable to me.

After all, the earth has been around for a long time. Plants use carbon dioxide to photosynthesize. The more photosynthesis, the more oxygen released into the atmosphere. We are part of an ever changing physical universe – constantly expanding, constantly releasing heat, generating entropy. Could this idea, that we have the ability to control the temperature of the entire globe with our actions, be yet another ploy to frighten people into changing their habits to help the environment or to better line someone’s pockets? Are “they” telling the truth? Media… are YOU the problem?

Could this be a media hoax? Could this be a product of a highly organized, very class conscious, business community constantly fighting a bitter class war with institutional structures and a frightened, agonized public? The Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NGIPCC) seems to think so.

They contrast the ideas of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). One answers to the government, one is independent. The information provided by these two entities could actually power some of the economic processes running this country, running the people, running you… running us. So, it’s either accept what you are told as true, banking on the fact that “they” are truthful, and have the good of everyone in mind…when enacting policy… Or challenge it and research for ourselves. It could be said the IPCC… Could be in someone’s pocket, being governmental and all… lots of economic impact has the idea of anthropomorphic global warming. If we and our (hyper) consumerism built on faulty foundations actually have caused the entire globe to heat up… Really?

Perhaps there IS a lack of evidence to support entire economic collapse due to sanctions imposed on businesses in the (quest for) reducing greenhouse gas emissions…

This is the belief of the NGIPCC. The NGIPCC vs. IPCC. Interesting charges. Politics & economics having dominion over global…GLOBAL…warming? So, the powers that be are willing to sacrifice petroleum and it’s emissions for the sake of the environment and the health of the globe. You would think so.

I would think regardless who is “right”; it would be a good idea to dump the greenhouse gas producing products ASAP – just because it’s wasteful and harmful. That should be the impetus behind banning the products – the idea that the big greenhouse gas generators and their friends run this place economically should not be a player in the game.

A subject worthy of deeper (investigation), as a “hoax” of this magnitude needs to be recognized. Whether we are at fault for global warming, or it is all part of a universal cycle involving temperature, downsizing and controlling pollution needs to be a priority… But more important than that is honesty and integrity and trust. Change is on the way.

By:  Lynn Falcone

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