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Food and Water

It only takes 72 hours to die from dehydration. The standard amount of water a person should consume each day is roughly 2 liters (2.5- 3 according to the World Health Organization).  We can go without food for longer, but hunger can still become a distraction and can result in serious illness when combined with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes.

When we think of food and water there are three phases that need to be covered: the immediate days after a disaster, the long term, and the time in between those two:

The first few days

This can be contained in a bug out bag and should contain a 3-day supply of food and water (which is an amount most people can carry including other emergency supplies). If displaced by disaster this should come along, so make sure it is something you can physically lift and carry. If everything goes wrong and you and your bug out bag depart ways, don’t panic. There are still ways to scavenge for food and supplies during crisis.


For this intermediate time, plan to have more than enough food and water stocked up to survive until things return to normal. A comfortable emergency abode would have enough food stocked up to tide its residents over through transition in case things never return to normal. This means that there should be enough dry foods, preserved foods, and water to keep everyone alive at least for as long as it takes to set up a new supply source or for food crops to go from seeds to harvest.  Don’t forget that the season may increase the amount of time needed; it’s nearly impossible to start crops in the dead of winter.


The long-term goal is a mix of bartering, hunting, fishing, access to a water source, preserving foods, and farming. These are not just for times of crisis, but to help insulate from crisis. Would you ever even notice a food shortage at the grocery store if you rarely had to set foot in it? Peace of mind comes with not having to worry about if an economy made unstable by someone else is going to come crashing down on your dinner table.

New Wise Foods Product Line

  1. I guess my biggest concern is not if I’ll have enough food – but whether I can keep it. Desperate people do desperate things and I’m truly concerned otherwise reasonable people will resort to violence to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Let’s hope it never comes to that.

  2. Sometimes to survive we must arm ourselves!

  3. I believe it is important for folks to store healthier versions of foods that are being offered to preppers. During times of stress we are going to need to keep our immune systems in top shape, and in preparing for those times it is important to start getting there now. And saving seeds, and more importantly learning to garden is not mentioned nearly enough.

  4. I eat stress day to day when the belly goes up I will be less stress full not having to maintain this crazy life style. i CANT WAIT TILL THE OTHER SHOE DROPS….. iNDEPENCE DAY

  5. You can make a high energy food source called pemmican. The cree Indians and others used this method to store meat without refridgeration. Shelf life is infininte. I just made some last week and here is what I did. I used 3 lbs very lean beef but other meats can be used. Partially freeze the meat to make it easier to slice very thin. Dehydrate in oven, in the sun, or in a dehydrator until very dry. It should crack, not bend. Also dehydrate 1c blueberries, or cranberries. Once the meat is dehydrated grind it into powder. A blender works fine. Add the berries toward the end so there are some berry chunks for texture. Heat up suet or tallow and render the fat. Do not burn. Strain the fat. Add a couple of Tbls or to taste of honey to the powdered meat then add the rendered suet. Add enough to get the texture of brownie batter. (I also added some sweet potato powder that I made a few years ago). You can roll it out between two peices of plastic wrap. Once cooled it will be hard. You can cut it into any shape you like. Will store in a zip lock bag or jar forever.Delish! You can find more info about pemmican at

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