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Personal finances can be difficult enough already. But what can you do when inflation hits and your dollar holds less and less value as each week passes? Even worse, what happens if it becomes worthless or is no longer available due to corruption, bank error, or being continuously devalued?

Finding out there is corruption isn’t exactly surprising, but finding out that other countries are making moves towards stepping away from that corrupt dollar is a bit unnerving since most of the value the dollar still holds is because it has been the global currency. In September of 2012 alone China promised to stop trading oil in US dollars. If they will have enough oil to make a significant impact is yet to be determined, but the trend is still disturbing.


There is an assumption that gold (and silver) holds its value better than paper currency and can still be traded as something of value on its own, or for other currencies including new ones when they emerge. Gold has always been considered a measure of wealth and a way to store value. When the value of the dollar is dropping some people choose to keep their earning safe by retaining them in something with a less fluctuating value.

Budgeting Strategy

When it comes down to it, sometimes the best way to avoid financial disaster is to avoid sinking (further) into debt in the first place. Couponing, budgeting, bargain shopping, cutting back on extras, and learning to produce both necessities and luxuries on your own can go a long way towards bringing the budget into line with what is reasonable. Insulating a drafty house will save you thousands in heating costs.  If you are still paying for satellite or cable when there are cheaper options offered through the internet, it is probably time to reevaluate. Instead of eating out when you are tired, cook enough for several meals when you are not tired; that way there will always be something quick to heat up in the oven without the effort. If you are a smoker and still buying cigarettes, consider switching to rolling your own tobacco. Even with a rolling machine and the filter tip rolling papers, you can still save several dollars per day just by spending ten minutes every now and then to do the work of filling the cigarettes rather than having a factory do it for you. There are endless ways to cut costs, you just have to be willing to find a way and be open to a little bit of change now and then.


Bartering is an age-old tradition that often comes back during economic uncertainty. Towns across the US, and in volatile economies such as Greece, have begun their own currencies for trading in local goods and services. This helps to stabilize business and trade within localities. Even without a local currency to help things along, bartering with neighbors and small local businesses is a good place to start if you have a skill or product to offer. Setting up a bartering group is even better. The less dependent upon currency your local area is, the less neighbors you will have turn into criminals out of desperation when push comes to shove. It may seem a bit terrifying and outside of the box at first, but even establishing just a few regular barter partners will result in less chaos if the dollar ceases to function properly. - Buy Gold & Silver

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