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Emergency Medical Training

It helps to have confidence and knowledge when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies. There are several types of training depending on how much effort you would like to put in and what you would like to get out of the experience. Advanced first aid training offers training in stabilizing victims until medical help can arrive. Wilderness medicine training takes that a step further because it is based on the assumption that access to medical help may not be readily available.

Lastly we touch on herbal medicine, which while not as relevant in an emergency situation, it may still become useful during long durations of breakdown in infrastructure when a need arises for effective alternatives to common medications such as pain killers, antibiotics, and cough syrups.

Advanced First Aid Training

In addition to basic CPR courses, the Red Cross offers advanced first aid courses geared towards medical professionals and those that may end up far from medical services such as wilderness explorers. The courses generally encompass a two-day period and cost around $110. Sometimes you can find them being offered locally for free or at a discount as part of an employment, club, or school offering.

While anything medical is best learned hands on, plenty of organizations offer online courses and certifications for those that do not have the time or ability to get to physically located courses. Their websites include:

Wilderness Medicine Training

Wilderness medicine courses are often offered through universities and have levels going beyond the extent of advanced first aid courses. These courses take significantly more time and money than the Red Cross and online first aid courses, but they also offer more value and knowledge for the money. If what you are seeking is the ability to respond to medical emergencies knowledgeably and with confidence, these courses may be more in line with what you are looking for.

Check the National Outdoor Leadership School to see if courses are offered in your area.

Natural Medicine (non-emergency)

Are you interested in how to treat common conditions without modern medicine? There are many herbs that can be foraged for in the wild or cultivated in the garden and used for everyday maladies from fever to infections. The amount of information is extensive and cannot be picked up in a short amount of time, however learning what you can may be useful and helps preserve and age old heritage that has been nearly lost during this time of convenience in a pill modern medicine.

Sites to visit to begin your journey:

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