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Couponing is becoming a popular way to cut household costs as well as to develop a stockpile of food and supplies. There are tons of little tips and tricks to learn when starting out couponing. It is best to put some time into listening to the experts, and planning your shop. The best advice is to start out with a few small shopping experiences first to help you become familiar with the benefits and pitfalls of couponing at your local stores.


Much of couponing comes down to timing. Getting a coupon is the start, but it is best used when the item it is for is on sale so that the savings are compounded. Matching coupons and sales is one of the cornerstones of couponing.

Items often go on sale in cycles that are roughly three months apart. This means that when an item is on sale it is best to purchase enough to last three months so that you do not end up paying full price for it during the time in which it is not on sale. This is often the base of many couponer stockpiles.


Hint: finding stores that offer to double or triple coupons can significantly increase the value of your coupons.

There are many sources for collecting coupons:

Sunday Paper: The Sunday paper is a classic source for coupons.

The store: check for in store coupons in circulars as well as offers on store websites. Many stores offer the option of having their coupons and offers loaded directly onto your loyalty card on the website.

Friends and family: If people you know are getting the paper or additional offers in the mail and are not using them then they may be happy to pass the coupons on to you.

Clipping services: Clipping services charge a small fee to send you specific coupons. These are often the higher value coupons and they can send multiples of the same coupon. The Coupon Clippers is one coupon clipping service that is highly recommended.

The internet: From sites specifically dedicated to coupons, manufacturer’s sites, and even manufacturer Facebook pages; the internet is full of coupons. To start your search for coupons try:

>> Smart Source
>> Retail Me Not

Things to Know

Always check your local store’s policy regarding doubling coupons, competitor coupons, using multiple coupons of the same type, and stacking. The best way to get value out of couponing is to know what the coupon will be worth and if it will be valid with the particular store and sale.

Some stores may allow you to stack coupons that is to use both a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item. Others may accept coupons that belong to their competitors. Sometimes there is a limit on how many coupons can be doubled or up to what value they can be doubled for.

For more tips and tricks try the advice offered by seasoned couponers. The Krazy Coupon Lady offers advice for the beginner.

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  1. I can really save a lot of money with coupons. I also always check the store ads because they sometimes have special coupons and sales in there too.

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