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Hummingbird 027

Call me paranoid, but there sure is a lot going on out in the world these days. Events of truly Biblical proportions. I would like the freedom to bring up for thought or discussion, various things I run across – or have been walking with for a […]

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A Multi-Purpose Weather Radio

A good quality hand crank or solar powered radio can be a lifeline to the outside world in a survival situation. When the communication infrastructure breaks down, and no electricity is available to charge cell phones and landlines aren’t working, a self-powered radio can provide information regarding […]

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Out of Control

Gun control. Mind control. Economic control. Food control. With all this control, you wonder how things in “the land of the free” got so incredibly messed up? Apparently, control isn’t everything. After all, we have free will. More widely dispersed than the bill of rights, free will […]

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Spy vs. Spy, North Korea 2013

Who’s gonna get the one-up here? Does no one see, there are no winners in war? If you’re killing, that’s bad, if you’re killed, that’s bad too. Why aren’t we realizing – no one can be all powerful, no one country can rule the world… that competition […]

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Is Mother Nature Angry?

The American people are extremely resilient and more caring than they are given credit for. Many are still without power in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Many more are giving whatever they may have to offer to the victims of the storm. As the cleanup continues citizens […]

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Benghazi…The Big Question

Protest or terrorist? Did the government intentionally and deliberately mislead the people into thinking that Benghazi was a result of protest over the showing of a video – and not a planned terrorist attack? Bottom line, as the story goes, we entered a meeting with their military […]

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Do You Have Enough Water?

Water is a finite resource, but it’s one every prepper should have in abundant supply.  Crucial not only for drinking, but cleaning cuts and sterilizing equipment if the need arises, water is an essential resource to survive any emergency situation.  A good rule is to store at […]

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Obama Goes Nuts and Offers Anti-gunners Wish List

Most of his crazy proposals are so extreme, only few of his initiatives pose serious threat Surrounded by child-props, Barack Obama yesterday proposed a semi-automatic ban so extreme that it could potentially outlaw up to 50% of all long guns in circulation and up to 80% of […]

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Being Prepared

Here’s what I love about being prepared:  I never have to rush to the store whenever the weatherman announces a major storm is on the way.  I don’t have to stare down my fellow mom over the last couple cans of tuna or jars of peanut butter.  […]

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Alaska Stockpiling Food For 40,000 Residents

The state of Alaska is currently stockpiling enough food to feed 40,000 residents for a week in two warehouses that it is building. One warehouse will be built near Fairbanks, while the other warehouse will be built near Anchorage. This has raised three questions in my mind. […]

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