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How to Hide an Elephant – Presidents State of the Union Address

If people didn’t agree with whatever this president was saying, they certainly did not show it. Maybe it is just about manners, but it sure seems like everyone in that room… and the elephant in the bathroom… agreed and supported the President tonight. As I read through […]

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A Time for Everything

I say, we always are looking for someone to blame. A scapegoat. When will we learn our actions, our attitudes, our beliefs are what make us or break us? We seem to think we are separate, leading separate lives- hurting no one… let me ask… have you […]

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Spy vs. Spy, North Korea 2013

Who’s gonna get the one-up here? Does no one see, there are no winners in war? If you’re killing, that’s bad, if you’re killed, that’s bad too. Why aren’t we realizing – no one can be all powerful, no one country can rule the world… that competition […]

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Money begets Money… Not!

I met a guy who owns a house – a very beautiful, tasteful house. As I feel the wind drain off my sail, I stand with the homeowner himself, admiring the view of the pond filled with lagoon biology- when curiosity got the best of me. Discarding […]

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Old School Lyrics – Prophecy Ignored

Lyrics have changed over the years- and seem to have cut a path to our disconnect. Today’s lyrics of the most popular music are not indicative of changes society needs to make. I believe this is sending a deceptive message to young people. The truth is, they […]

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Forewarned is Forearmed

If you are interested in owning a gun – now is the time. It seems possible our second amendment rights are being manipulated. While I am not a fan of guns, I can see the reasons people should have the right to own guns for defense purposes. […]

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Greening Medicine

Please… Don’t be a don’t bee. Some Americans – you know who you are – seem to think the legalization of marijuana in America will lead to Cheeto poppin, welfare drawin’, food stamp free ridin’, resource suckin’, no carin’, Democrat proliferation… all being supported exclusively by the […]

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Zeitgeist of Venus

Survival is more psychological than physical. We are our thoughts become us. What are you thinking? Ham or eggs? The level of commitment between the two is an exponential leap. The chicken gives the egg, the pig IS the ham. So, when it comes to psychological survival, […]

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Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones. Alli. Xenadrine. Lap band… gastric bypass. Really? How ‘bout taking control of your life? Seriously now, who is in control? You mean to tell yourself that you cannot stop yourself from overeating? I think you really don’t want to. Because, in every other facet of […]

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Empowering the Romney 47

Have you been categorized as one of the citizens deemed the 47 percent of Americans “dependent on government” and unwilling to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”, “a victim”? It is time to take control of our lives and not be dependent on our government […]

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