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SINK THE DICTATOR – SHIP Lynn Falcones Do you think a dictatorship is a good thing for America? Are you unhappy with the “cutting” of Federal Programs such as EPA, Department of Education, Institutes of Health, Housing and Urban Development, Public Broadcasting? Want to know more? Read […]

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Hummingbird 027

Call me paranoid, but there sure is a lot going on out in the world these days. Events of truly Biblical proportions. I would like the freedom to bring up for thought or discussion, various things I run across – or have been walking with for a […]

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Reclaim Yourself

No worries. Natural pain relief is HERE, and has been here as long as WE have. Why are we constantly being bombarded with pharmaceutical relief? Ever watched a drug commercial and wonder why most of their time is spent disclosing possible side effects? I wonder why anyone […]

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Tigger or Eeyore?

Bitter or better? Attitude plays a huge role in survival. It all boils down to your expectations of life. What do YOU want, and are you achieving the goal? Are you helping or yelping? Yes, the squeaky wheel may get the grease, but is the grease toxic? […]

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Tax Code Instrument of Behavior Manipulation… Are We Being Played?

A VICE tax? A consumption tax? How ‘bout a corporate health imposition tax on all food producers? Pretty crazy. Currently, it seems we get rewarded for home ownership, using solar energy, driving electric cars, having multiple children, being married… all the behaviors of a seemingly healthy society. […]

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Georgia Guidestones Save the Day?

So, there IS an agenda. One that has been known to us since forever, literally written in stone. Coincidently… (lol)… the guides on these stones seem to line up pretty closely with the governments population reduction plan. Agenda 21. What ARE the Georgia Guidestones? (Located in the […]

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The Pope Tosses in the Towel

So, the Pope is giving up his position in the church and going to live his life in peace and quiet seclusion. His plan? To serve the Church through secluded prayer and meditation. The first pope to relinquish the position in 600 years, Pope Benedict XVI is […]

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Birth to Death – Economic Streaming Plan by Big Pharma and Friends

A child is born in the hospital, first thing when he opens his eyes – silver nitrate in the eyes. The child takes home some formula. The child changes formulas, because of stomach problems… (enter anti-gas drops). Finally, the family finds a formula that works for their […]

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Global Warming Perspectives or “Did I do That?”

City underwater. Frightening. Carbon tax to penalize greenhouse gas generation. Money. I say it can’t hurt to reduce emissions. I just want to do it for the right reasons. After all, we are continually lied to, misrepresented, ripped off and just bamboozled by the very people we […]

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Beware the Castnet

Apparently there is a reason for the bad food these days. A reason for the medicating of our children, pharmaceutical treasures for every personal issue… Apparently, the “powers that be” have constructed a plan to keep balance in our world, keep the population under control… one billion […]

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