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Food and Water

Guns for Survival

Those preparing for long-term survival will argue about what guns they need to own before an emergency occurs. For some people, owning the latest firearm is their reward for getting up and going to work each day. The question remains what survival guns are essential. Almost everyone […]

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Three Ways to Enhance Your Door’s Security

As the main entryway into your home, it’s important to increase the security of your main door. Many standard locks are okay, but they will not deter a professional, determined, or desperate individual from entering your home. Several modifications can be made to general market doors to […]

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Canning: A Great Way to Secure Food for Your Family

Canning exists as a tried and true method to preserve food beyond its natural expiration date. When prepared correctly, canned food has a long shelf life, and can offer your family fruits and vegetables long after their natural season is over. Canned salsas and jams can make […]

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Five Herbs for Your Medical Kit

In survival situations, traditional drugs may not be available. Many botanicals have a long history of medicinal use, and can be used fresh or dried to address diverse issues such as open wounds or poison ivy. If you don’t grow the plants yourself, it’s important to know […]

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6 Large Items You Should Consider Purchasing

Preparing to survive a disaster, whether natural or man-made will be expensive. Here’s a list of ten expensive items preppers should consider buying and maintaining to make surviving a bit less stressful. It’s a smart strategy to decide what large purchases are most important, and begin a […]

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3 Things a New Prepper Needs to Tackle First

If you’re new to prepping, the information available both in print and online can be overwhelming. However, there are three things that should take precedence over all others when beginning to prepare yourself or your family for a survival situation: water, food and home security. This article […]

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Solar Cookers

One of the most important ways individuals need to adapt to survive in a disaster concerns finding energy.  Whether you’re creating energy to stay warm, or finding energy to cook your food and boil water, harnessing a reliable power source is key to make your survival easier.  […]

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Beware the Castnet

Apparently there is a reason for the bad food these days. A reason for the medicating of our children, pharmaceutical treasures for every personal issue… Apparently, the “powers that be” have constructed a plan to keep balance in our world, keep the population under control… one billion […]

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Greening Medicine

Please… Don’t be a don’t bee. Some Americans – you know who you are – seem to think the legalization of marijuana in America will lead to Cheeto poppin, welfare drawin’, food stamp free ridin’, resource suckin’, no carin’, Democrat proliferation… all being supported exclusively by the […]

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Let’s Get Growing

When I first started growing for food, my awareness was exponentially increased when stumbling upon the power of seeds. The incredible support is all around us with this source of life energy. We as a society have strayed so far, we don’t know, our kids don’t know, […]

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