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Money begets Money… Not!

I met a guy who owns a house – a very beautiful, tasteful house. As I feel the wind drain off my sail, I stand with the homeowner himself, admiring the view of the pond filled with lagoon biology- when curiosity got the best of me. Discarding […]

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Money – Don’t Bank on It

Debt equals Money. Every time you borrow money, you pay interest. If you don’t pay interest, the FDIC won’t insure your money. WHY? Because it doesn’t exist, unless it is earning interest. It’s a crazy rat race out there. You think it is a nice gesture when […]

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Best Time of Year to Stockpile

Knowing when stores tend to put certain items on sale can help you budget for bulk purchases, especially when you’re stockpiling supplies.  For example, condensed milk typically goes on sale close to the holidays.  Many manufactures also put out coupons around Thanksgiving and Christmas since so many […]

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Evaluating Your Budget

Budgeting exists as an essential life skill to manage money well.  One of the steadfast rules of budgeting is to avoiding buying anything you can’t afford.  This means that for larger, more expensive purchases such as generators, one should start saving before he or she plans to […]

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Prepare Now and Save Money

By its very nature, prepping can be expensive.  However being unprepared can be even more costly.   In an emergency situation the last shovel, case of tuna, or last gallons of gas will suddenly be triple or quadruple the price.  Being prepared in advance saves you money; and […]

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Couponing for Long-Term Food Storage

Many people wonder how to start building up an emergency food supply when money is extremely limited. The answer for many shoppers lies in couponing. For example, you might find that a bag of beans is $3.99 at your local grocery store, but you have a manufacturer’s […]

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The basic criteria for stockpiled foods should include: foods that will not expire for a long time that contain protein such as peanut butter or beans that come in juices—preferably natural juices, as they provide liquids that require little or no prep that don’t require refrigeration or […]

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Keep Cash on Hand

What would be worse than being in a natural disaster and you need to leave. However, your car doesn’t have much gas. Where can you go on little gas? You need to make sure you always have extra cash in case something like this happens. Not only […]

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How to Hide Cash In Your Home

In the event of an emergency, cash money will go a long way. You will not be able to use an ATM and the banks will not open. At a minimum, most experts suggest that you maintain at least $1000 in cash in your procession at all […]

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Teaching Teenagers About Money

Teenagers are often confused on how to spend their first paychecks, racing from store to store spending it as if it will not last until tomorrow. Meanwhile, adults are usually more careful to budget their money to make it last until the next payday. Parents often wonder […]

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