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10 Small Items You Don’t Want to Forget

Sometimes, people focus on the big things and forget the small ones. In a survival scenario, sometimes the smallest items may become the most handy. Here is a list of ten must-have small items that should be in every prepper’s stockpile—in great abundance. 1. Water Purification Drops […]

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Checklist for Survival

Some primary products are important and typical to any survival list. The record may not consist of some products your conditions could need, but it is a kick off cause, and hopefully believed invoking enough for you to consider other products you may want to eliminate or […]

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Beginner’s Checklist

The best way to ride out a storm is to be too insulated to notice it go by. Preparing for the worst is not just about having a giant stockpile of food and supplies or creating a safe-room. It is about living self-sufficiently and comfortably every day […]

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