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Alternative Power

A Multi-Purpose Weather Radio

A good quality hand crank or solar powered radio can be a lifeline to the outside world in a survival situation. When the communication infrastructure breaks down, and no electricity is available to charge cell phones and landlines aren’t working, a self-powered radio can provide information regarding […]

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Solar Cookers

One of the most important ways individuals need to adapt to survive in a disaster concerns finding energy.  Whether you’re creating energy to stay warm, or finding energy to cook your food and boil water, harnessing a reliable power source is key to make your survival easier.  […]

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Empowering the Romney 47

Have you been categorized as one of the citizens deemed the 47 percent of Americans “dependent on government” and unwilling to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”, “a victim”? It is time to take control of our lives and not be dependent on our government […]

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Living Without Electricity

The typical American family is utterly dependent upon fossil fuels.  From hot morning showers to refrigerated lunches to the evening televised news, many people take the energy around them completely for granted. The transition to a situation where energy isn’t available will be quite a physical and […]

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Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable energy resources exist as a must-know topic for survivalists.  Different areas of the US possess different renewable energy resources that could be harnessed in any number of survival situations.  It’s important to know what energy sources are most abundant in your area; this knowledge will allow […]

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Energy Sources

We all know energy is certainly the key to survival, right? Generators could work for a short time. I say short time because what if the power was out for days, weeks, months even? What if you ran out of gas for that generator? You have to […]

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Intro to Energy Alternatives

As a society, we have become dependent on electricity for so many of our basic needs. For many homes, even a gas furnace will not work without electricity to power the fans. Many of our homes are no longer constructed with an electric-free lifestyle in mind. When […]

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