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Bug Out Bag

In today’s uncertain world, any number of catastrophic events could hit without warning.  Jacques famous quote; “Chance favors greatly the prepared…” applies now more than ever.  An ever increasing segment of the population are making preparation for when (not “if”) disaster strikes.

We hope we will be able to weather the storm in our homes, however, the truly prepared will have a contingency plan for evacuating to a safer location should the need arise.  Central to that preparedness is the bug out bag.  As the name implies, bugging out can occur at a moment’s notice.  A prepper will be on the road to a safe location with their family while the unprepared sit paralyzed with fear.

A bug-out bag is a kit, often a duffle bag or backpack which contains items required to survive for a minimum of 72 hours.  As a general rule, those items should be light in weight and easy to use.  High stress situations are not the time to read complex instructions.

Bug out bag list:

• Bug-out plan
• Food (meal replacement & energy bars are best)
• Prescription medication
• Dry clothing
• Coat or jacket
• Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots
• A tarp or tent
• Sleeping bag and air mattress
• Weapon (even a baseball bat is better than nothing)
• First aid kit
• Flashlight (with extra batteries)
• Matches or lighter
• Cash (don’t store it all in one spot)
• Identification, passport and copies of important papers
• Survival knife & Multi-tool
• Survival handbook
• Duct tape
• Extra pair of socks
• Toothbrush

Missing from this list is water.  The average person needs a minimum of 2 liters per person per day.  Depending on the number of people in your household that can add up to a lot of weight if you carry 3 days worth in your bug out supplies.  We recommend you include some water in your kit but also carry a means of purifying water – even in the wilderness.  There are multiple inexpensive ways to do so and they are all spelled out in our complete bug-out guide– totally FREE for you today.

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