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Emergency Medical

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has said that it will take three days for it to set up an emergency shelter in a wide spread emergency. While you may expect the American Red Cross, Baptist Men and the Salvation Army to try to put people on the […]

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How do I select the right firearms for me?

One important aspect of being prepared for a disaster is having the right firearms. Firearms alone are not enough for a disaster; you also need to have food. However a firearm can be used to hunt for food and protect your family. Anyone that only has guns […]

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Canning: A Great Way to Secure Food for Your Family

Canning exists as a tried and true method to preserve food beyond its natural expiration date. When prepared correctly, canned food has a long shelf life, and can offer your family fruits and vegetables long after their natural season is over. Canned salsas and jams can make […]

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Tax Code Instrument of Behavior Manipulation… Are We Being Played?

A VICE tax? A consumption tax? How ‘bout a corporate health imposition tax on all food producers? Pretty crazy. Currently, it seems we get rewarded for home ownership, using solar energy, driving electric cars, having multiple children, being married… all the behaviors of a seemingly healthy society. […]

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10 Small Items You Don’t Want to Forget

Sometimes, people focus on the big things and forget the small ones. In a survival scenario, sometimes the smallest items may become the most handy. Here is a list of ten must-have small items that should be in every prepper’s stockpile—in great abundance. 1. Water Purification Drops […]

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The Best Watchdogs

One of the best defenses that you can have against intruders onto your property is a loyal watchdog. There are several breeds that you might want to consider to guard your property. While everyone has their favorite breeds of dogs, there are ten that rise to the […]

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Five Herbs for Your Medical Kit

In survival situations, traditional drugs may not be available. Many botanicals have a long history of medicinal use, and can be used fresh or dried to address diverse issues such as open wounds or poison ivy. If you don’t grow the plants yourself, it’s important to know […]

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Survival Self-Defense

During an emergency, you may have to fight to protect your property and your family. Numerous studies have shown that over 90 percent of us would rather flee than fight. Yet, the truth remains that your survival may depend on your need to be able to defend […]

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Georgia Guidestones Save the Day?

So, there IS an agenda. One that has been known to us since forever, literally written in stone. Coincidently… (lol)… the guides on these stones seem to line up pretty closely with the governments population reduction plan. Agenda 21. What ARE the Georgia Guidestones? (Located in the […]

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6 Large Items You Should Consider Purchasing

Preparing to survive a disaster, whether natural or man-made will be expensive. Here’s a list of ten expensive items preppers should consider buying and maintaining to make surviving a bit less stressful. It’s a smart strategy to decide what large purchases are most important, and begin a […]

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