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SINK THE DICTATOR – SHIP Lynn Falcones Do you think a dictatorship is a good thing for America? Are you unhappy with the “cutting” of Federal Programs such as EPA, Department of Education, Institutes of Health, Housing and Urban Development, Public Broadcasting? Want to know more? Read […]

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Hummingbird 027

Call me paranoid, but there sure is a lot going on out in the world these days. Events of truly Biblical proportions. I would like the freedom to bring up for thought or discussion, various things I run across – or have been walking with for a […]

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Reclaim Yourself

No worries. Natural pain relief is HERE, and has been here as long as WE have. Why are we constantly being bombarded with pharmaceutical relief? Ever watched a drug commercial and wonder why most of their time is spent disclosing possible side effects? I wonder why anyone […]

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Guns for Survival

Those preparing for long-term survival will argue about what guns they need to own before an emergency occurs. For some people, owning the latest firearm is their reward for getting up and going to work each day. The question remains what survival guns are essential. Almost everyone […]

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Three Ways to Enhance Your Door’s Security

As the main entryway into your home, it’s important to increase the security of your main door. Many standard locks are okay, but they will not deter a professional, determined, or desperate individual from entering your home. Several modifications can be made to general market doors to […]

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Hand-to-Hand Combat

There are many techniques to hand-to-hand combat, but if you only know five basic moves, then you can get away from an attacker, even in a long-term survival situation. The first technique works better on men, but will work on women as well. Start by firmly planting […]

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How to Provide Perimeter Security

Even during great economies, it is important to protect the perimeter of your property. If things are not so great because of the economy or a natural disaster, then perimeter security becomes even more vital. The first step in perimeter security is a fence around your entire […]

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What to look for in a Great Survival Knife

During an emergency, you will need a great knife. When 911 is not available, you may find that your survival knife is needed to help you with your first aid needs. You may also find that you need your survival knife to cut your way out of […]

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Considerations in Building an Underground Shelter

Many ideas have been discussed overtime to create an underground shelter. This website will not attempt to cover those ideas, because new ones are being created all the time and so what is written today may very well be outdated before it ever goes to press. If […]

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Tigger or Eeyore?

Bitter or better? Attitude plays a huge role in survival. It all boils down to your expectations of life. What do YOU want, and are you achieving the goal? Are you helping or yelping? Yes, the squeaky wheel may get the grease, but is the grease toxic? […]

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