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Birth to Death – Economic Streaming Plan by Big Pharma and Friends

A child is born in the hospital, first thing when he opens his eyes – silver nitrate in the eyes.

The child takes home some formula. The child changes formulas, because of stomach problems… (enter anti-gas drops). Finally, the family finds a formula that works for their child. So much for breast milk…

Actually, breast milk would have taken the place of formula, a Doctor visit, anti-gas drops, and the baby’s painful experience with nutrition. And how ‘bout that circumcision? The tools, the anti-bacterial liquids, the ointments… Hopefully there will be no infection, but if so, antibiotics will do the trick.

Looks to me that the first week of the child’s life, you can let your insurance pay into the stream, or you can… OR… you can opt not to circumcise, and to breastfeed.

Someone’s missing your money.

This dependency on the medical industry is killing us! More people have died at the mercy of pharmaceutical drug use than were killed in car wreck or accidental gun deaths last year.

Not only do we live with the threat of big pharma, but also the ubiquitous nature of chemicals used in the cosmetics and personal products we use today, every day. These chemicals are found in the cord blood of newborns – exposing them to these chemicals at alarming rates- more chemical per pound than an adult. No doubt these exposures – and the constant exposures to come, are causing health problems beyond our imagination. Your bed is poisonous? Your pillow, too – not to mention your cosmetics, personal products… laundry detergents, household cleaners… and we haven’t even brought up outdoor environmental problems… the chemical influx into our food chains, water supplies and air we breathe causes unmatched health problems. The fact is, we have become dependent on all this stuff- our society is neck deep in toxic crap- the only way to get away from that is CHANGE.

Of course, all this poisoning makes people sick, which leads them to the Doctor. Who leads them back to big pharma… the meds cause you to depend on big pharma even more. I met a guy who was so proud to know a man who developed ibuprofen… what a deal that was for everyone! Let’s bring on the self-induced liver failure and all the money that generates.

I can’t imagine all these (products) were developed with the deliberate intention of having us dependent and sick – and dying early. Perhaps people just got wrapped up in the science, and the idea of all things being possible. But now that we KNOW there are big problems, we need to make big changes. The idea of my mattress being poisonous (NASA memory foam) pisses me off. I spent some cash to get it, and it is very comfortable indeed… except for the hormone disrupting, carcinogenic nature of the material itself. I would have rather been guided to buy an all-natural wool mattress instead… but that would have not generated cash for the mattress makers, the NASA foam people, or the physicians I may visit in the future- with my mysterious symptoms; making repeated visits and taking various pharmaceutical treatments to diagnose the problem. It all seems to be a set up- carrying us from birth to death. The only way out is educating ourselves, each other…our children…to steer clear of these harmful health destroying practices.

You bring your newborn home from the hospital full of chemicals absorbed during pregnancy. You feed them breast milk tainted with environmental chemicals. They sleep on a sick mattress, sit in a car seat and high chair permeated with toxic plastic crap, they play with toxic toys, are exposed to wifi and other invisible wavelengths, eat crappy poison food… get sick and go to the doctor- where they are given cough syrup, antibiotics, petroleum based ointments, … .

In order for us to survive, we have to make changes which will take us from our comfort zones. I do not use the microwave at all anymore. Inconvenient, but why eat radiated food? With their cells blasted open, exposing any vitamin left to the air- making your food nutritionally useless? Just to save a few minutes of minimal effort?

Changes. Natural products. Organic foods. Preventive medicine. Better habits. Big corporations making their profits are killing people. Perhaps that is the plan, population reduction. Agenda 21 practices has no holds on the aware. Time to thwart that plan, at least on a personal level… be a wise consumer. The easy, convenient way of doing things will have to be reeled in, if you, as an individual, want to survive to enjoy a full length healthy life.

  1. And don’t get me started about vaccinations and fluoride! We have been awakened and have freed ourselves from the toxic chemical bandwagon as best we can. This year’s garden is entirely heirloom seeds, free from GMO.

  2. good job!

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