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Beware the Castnet

Apparently there is a reason for the bad food these days. A reason for the medicating of our children, pharmaceutical treasures for every personal issue… Apparently, the “powers that be” have constructed a plan to keep balance in our world, keep the population under control… one billion on the planet is the “goal”. A tough pill to swallow, as the manipulation, misrepresentation, the smoke and mirrors- are all under the category of control. “Theirs” over “Yours”.

The “plan” perpetuates the need for group mentality- as we are given “enough rope”… for example: lead the people to a place of information, give them what they want to hear- develop the trust… then lead them right down the drain- they will follow. Check Dr. Oz, for example. Seems out of nowhere, Dr. Oz came upon the scene. Nine Am, Four PM, natural nutrition, organic foods, naturopathic medicine, explanations, products… awesome. Finally, a Dr. proposing natural remedies and organic food. The followers conglomerate, purchase products – enough rope. Like a cast net, there is now a demographic following Dr. Oz, and just about anything he says is WORD. So, when he tells you to jump off a bridge… bingo. Population Reduction. ABC is featuring Dr. Oz’ daughter once per day, as well; developing that endearing quality of a family sharing their nutritional wisdom. Will you get caught in the castnet? Only if you don’t do your research, and follow blindly. I don’t think Dr. “Castnet” Oz is evil, I think he is happy to be hired and spread his word. He probably does not see himself, or his daughter, as key players in reeling in the people for Codex Alimentarium. Even daytime TV has a role. How insidious.

There may be no vector of exodus in this plan. After all, we have to eat, we need water… for survival. People think they must rely on their physicians’ input – for example, you’re stressed, they prescribe. You’re sad, they prescribe. Your blood pressure is up, they prescribe. Your child is bored in school… they prescribe. Your child goes to school all day, (has to be quiet), comes home on the bus, (quiet), again… gets a snack, does homework, watches TV, quiet… until you get home, quiet, please… and prepare dinner, where they eat, (quiet while we have dinner)… dessert, TV, shower (maybe) and bed. Repeat daily. Then they‘re fat, frustrated, unsociable and indoctrinated with TV evils… the pediatrician prescribes – who knows what-, as long as the kid is quiet and cooperative in the end.

How to survive this huge plot to gradually allow the population to die off (kill themselves off). Well, forewarned is forearmed (as they say), and if we understand when we do nothing, “they” take this as an OK to push their agenda… we could remain hopeful.

Luckily, there are America citizens fighting for labeled GMO products…(and there will be many), there are people fighting for natural medicines, organic food, no preservatives- all items part of an insidious plan to reduce population? I guess anything is possible. We should know what we are eating. Some will choose to fight…

There are 27 committees in the Codex. One of these handles the aspect of food labeling. Are we not dealing with this currently with the GMO disclosure demands? Why would people want to hide the origins of food, or the nutritional labeling, or the —- full disclosure should not bring forth a feeling of scrutiny. I would be proud to disclose my awesome ingredients on a package. BUT- some are not. I wish Burt Bees All Natural Toothpaste would have hidden their ingredient list. Coco – whatever, an insect body part used for color, so totally grossed me out, I can’t use their toothpaste, and neither will I give it to my daughter. So yes, sometimes there will be an economic impact – but if you’re providing true blue product, then what’s the worry? Still and all, if we don’t know what is in our food, we will eat whatever tastes best, whatever’s the cheapest. I can only imagine the tentacles on the other 26 committees.

Being aware can perpetuate your survival. Stay away from crowds, consider that flu shot, beware of big pharma, eat responsibly, exercise responsibly… keep learning, build relationships- avoid the vortex of ignorance. Don’t buy their crap. The phony health scares, healing “can’t live without” pharmaceuticals, the electronic social structure, the dependence and the blind following. Stand up – stick by your beliefs – be strong in your convictions, teach your children-grow food, collect water, fortify your homestead…avoid the mainstream fallacies. This level of awareness coupled with stored supplies and community building skills could prove to save lives. Don’t let yourself, or your family become caught in the “castnet”.

By:  Lynn Falcone

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