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Being Prepared

Here’s what I love about being prepared:  I never have to rush to the store whenever the weatherman announces a major storm is on the way.  I don’t have to stare down my fellow mom over the last couple cans of tuna or jars of peanut butter.  I don’t have to wait in long lines with everyone else who’s trying to prepare last minute.  When all the weather channels were abuzz with the threat of Sandy, I simply checked a few expiration dates, secured my outside furniture, and sat back to wait out the storm.

We were prepared for the storm.  We had a five day supply of non-perishable food for each member of our family of three.  I’d also bought produce that would last without refrigeration for multiple days such as apples and bananas that we could eat first.  Our cars had full tanks of gas, and our fire wood was well-stocked, we had batteries, candles, and everything we’d need for riding out the storm.

The best part about being a prepper is not having to worry.  We’re prepared for the expected as well as the unexpected.  And now that we survived Sandy unscathed, I’m sending our stash up to New York to help those who need it.  I know how to prep, and rebuilding our emergency stash will be easy.

What do you love most about being prepared?

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