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We are an active community and forum made up of thousands of individuals and organizations, each with knowledge on how to loosen the ties that bind us to an increasingly unreliable mainstream supply line. We are aware of the instabilities and potential catastrophes currently facing us, and we intend to shed a light on ways for individuals and families to reach the other side unscathed. Our mission is twofold: to share updates regarding unfolding catastrophes, and to provide everyone with useful information necessary to secure a future for themselves.

Information Resource Sharing

Through sharing information and resources, we intend to make the transition to living sustainable and self-reliant lives smoother, safer and a more gratifying experience. Our number one goal here is to help each other out. Our objective is to find the best products, services and news sources to insure that this website is a quality resource and to allow for a higher standard of living in any situation.

Pertinent News Updates

Whatever disaster foreign or domestic terrorists, government, or even nature can throw at us; we intend to keep everyone well informed and forewarned.  From the loss of employment to hurricanes, terrorist acts or social collapse we will inform and prepare you with the latest most trustworthy information from experts that can help you in time of need.

Everyone is Welcome (Non Discrimination Policy)

We welcome all, regardless of what level of preparedness you may have currently achieved.  We also do not bar involvement based on the religious, social beliefs or educational background of our members. We are all in the same larger community, and the more prepared the community is, the more we can withstand as a whole.

Thank you for all of the support for this website and for giving us the opportunity to focus on what we believe is so important in these times.

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