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10 Small Items You Don’t Want to Forget

Sometimes, people focus on the big things and forget the small ones. In a survival scenario, sometimes the smallest items may become the most handy. Here is a list of ten must-have small items that should be in every prepper’s stockpile—in great abundance.

1. Water Purification Drops
Every person needs clean drinking water. In the likely case that running water is no longer available, water purification drops can ensure that you and your family have access to water for not only required daily consumption, but also to maintain safe hygiene.

2. Survival Guide Book
Although you can learn many skills, you may not be able to learn everything before a disaster strikes. It’s a wise choice to purchase one or several survival books to consult as references in the case of a disaster. To keep costs down, preview books available at your local library for free before purchasing a personal copy.  Buy now–> Survival Guides

3. Garbage Bags
You can’t stock too many of these! When society breaks down, your weekly trash pick-up will become a luxury of the past. And in most cases, you’ll probably want to avoid the local dump. Disposing of both human waste as well as other kinds of waste will have to go somewhere—plan ahead and have more garbage bags than you think you’ll need.

4. Garden Seeds
Non-perishable foods are good, but many vitamins and minerals are most effective in fresh foods. Plan on stocking many garden seeds, particularly for leafy greens which sprout quickly and can be consumed quickly as well. Many dark leafy greens also contain iron, but will need to reach maturity for their best nutritional value. If your access to the outdoors is limited, stock seeds that will grow well in pots. Buy now –> Garden Seeds

5. Bug Spray
A variety of insects can transmit debilitating diseases, so stock up on bug spray to repel those nasty biters. Bug spray is particularly important to stock if flooding could exist in your area; stagnant water exists as a breeding ground for many insects. Having a good offense is the best defense in this scenario.

6. Sharpening Tools
In the likelihood you’ll be using your knife and several tools from your multi-use tool, it’s a good idea to stock several kinds of sharpening tools to increase the longevity and usefulness of the tools you have; you never know how long you’ll need them. Buy now –> 4 in 1 Sharpener

7. Small Games
UNO, anyone? Your mental health is equally important as your physical health. Stock some games, including some card or dice games that are easily transportable in case you need to move.

8. Duct Tape
Like garbage bags, you can’t have too much duct tape. Useful in so many situations, stockpile this stuff!

9. Gloves
Your hands work better when they’re warm. Stock a few pairs of good quality, good-fitting gloves. Consider purchasing gloves with a warm lining, as well as gloves with made from a good weather-proofing material on the outside.

10. Lighters
Lighters are easy to store and transport, and make lighting a fire much easier in harsher weather conditions such as wind and rain.

  1. A cheap alternative to fire blocks – An empty egg carton , dryer lint , candle wax … Place enough dryer lint in each hole in your egg carton , take an old candle & either boil it , or microwave it to melt the wax . Pour the melted wax on the dryer lint . Helps to speed up the process of fire starting .. Happy prepping and GOD be with us !!!

  2. I used to do the same except I filled the egg carton with wood shavings and sawdust from my shop then added wax. These worked great and saved me a bundle if I was to buy them or a similar product.

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